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Icons: Coronation Street

[001-002] Elizabeth Dawn
[003-006] Kate Ford
[007] Bruce Jones
[008-010] Sean Gallagher
[011-028] Zaraah Abrahams
[029-030] Ray Fearon
[031] Ray Fearon and Kate Ford
[032-035] Rupert Hill
[036] Rupert Hill and Jane Danson
[037-044] Wendi Peters

Another combination Corrie post :)

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Icons: Coronation Street

[001-004] Lucy-Jo Hudson
[005-027] Debra Stephenson
[028-029] Suranne Jones
[030] John Savident
[031-034] Nikki Sanderson
[035-037] Susie Blake
[038-040] Shobna Gulati

More older Corrie icons.

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Icons: Lily Allen

[001-041] Lily Allen

Lily is my Music Artist Of The Moment, so I decided it was absolutely vital that I have some LJ icons of her :D

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Icons: Julio-Claudian Dynasty

[001] Agrippina the Elder
[002-003] Agrippina the Younger
[004-005] Augustus
[006] Marcus Agrippa
[007-008] Caligula
[009-010] Germanicus
[011] Livia
[012] Marcellus
[013] Octavia
[014] Poppaea
[015] Tiberius

I decided I needed more Roman icons and - as always - made more than I will ever use. Oh well!

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Icons: Coronation Street

[001-004] Adam Rickitt
[005] Danny Young
[006] Danny Young & Nikki Sanderson
[007-014] Helen Flanagan
[015-022] Kate Ford
[023-024] Beverley Callard
[025-030] Sally Lindsay
[031-032] Bradley Walsh
[033] Bill Ward
[034] Bill Ward & Kate Ford
[035-038] Emma Stansfield

Another collection of older Coronation Street icons.

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Icons: Coronation Street

[001-008] Tina O'Brien
[009-010] Ryan Thomas
[011-020] Nikki Sanderson
[021-026] Jane Danson
[027] Jane Danson & Rupert Hill
[028-037] Jenny Platt
[038-039] Vicky Binns

Okay, so I'm going to start posting icons regularly again. I'm concentrating on Corrie at the moment, so the first however many posts will be focusing on Corrie too. This one collects some of my older icons.

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Feb. 23rd, 2008

I decided I needed some gaming icons for my journal, and as always made far more than needed. I don't know if anyone else will be interested, but I shall stick the lot up here just in case :)

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The Boy Eats Girl set of PB icons has now been completed, and can be found over at tara_fleur (members only)

Over the coming weeks, I'll be cleaning this journal out drastically, reflecting my move away from the world of fanfic. It'll still be my fandom journal, but will generally be focussed on icons, other graphics, art and general fandom discussion :)

NCIS icons

As always, I made too many when wanting a couple of new icons for my own journal. So...

Icons – 17 times NCISCollapse )

Aug. 29th, 2006

A stack of icons from the past two days, in the interest of pretending this journal is still active. Most of the Reeves & Mortimer ones are just cropped, but there are a few in there that are pretending to be more creative *g*

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Twenty Reeves & Mortimer IconsCollapse )


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